Is Eero Plus Worth It?

Eero is one of the major players in the mesh Wi-Fi system industry. However, with regard to their premium service, Eero, (now Eero Plus formerly known as Eero Secure Plus) opinions are split.

Does this additional cost give anything back in the end? In this post, we are going to take a look at what Eero Plus offers and is it worth it.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Eero Plus? 

Eero Plus is a paid feature providing improved network security, as well as other enhancements that are not part of the basic plan.

Subscribers have access to better security, and content filters, as well as supplementary services such as ad block and VPN protection for a fee per month or annually.

How Does It Work?

TrueMesh technology is what Eero employs. It enables all Eero devices to speak to one another and spread the internet link throughout the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi bands.

It is like using several smart Wi-Fi routers for the house instead of one device.

They cooperate to ensure each of your devices is connected with vigor, even if this is happening in the next room from your main Eero.

Setting Up Eero Plus

For starters, Eero Plus is a service that works with Eero hardware so you require an Eero device before purchasing the Eero Plus.

Having your Eero network set up, you can get a subscription and join Eero Plus.

How Eero Uses Your Home’s Layout?

Another cool thing about Eero is its ability to know the design of your house.

While with you move around, your devices such as phones or laptops will be connected to the nearest Eero, and the system will automatically adapt and ensure that one has a strong signal wherever they are.

It’s like having a personal guide that always connects you to the best Wi-Fi spot.

Cost of Eero Plus 

The price of a yearly subscription for Eero Plus is $99.99 and monthly plan costs are $9.99. However, this cost is beyond buying your Eero devices.

Features of Eero Plus:

Following is a detailed explanation of the features offered by Eero Plus:

Advanced Security:

Eero Plus is an additional safety measure to give one maximum protection online and control their internet services. Using Eero Plus, enables you to shield your computer more against adverse issues such as viruses and malicious sites.

It is somewhat similar to having a very reliable ‘guard’ watching over your internet and ensuring that the “bad stuff” does not get through.

Ad Blocking:

One good thing about it is that it blocks annoying ads. Thus, your system will exhibit less adware, making the web cleaner and easier to navigate.

Eero Plus is a useful tool for parents in protecting children by blocking access to inappropriate sites, hence preventing the exposure of children to bad images.

VPN Protection:

It also has a VPN which serves as a secure tunnel through which you can transmit internet data in secret.

No one will track what you are doing nor steal your info when using this even if you’re connected to open wireless networks like coffee shops and airports.

Password Management:

We all know this. Remembering a password is difficult, isn’t it? Well, Eero Plus again has a way out of that.

It has a good password manager that allows you to manage your passwords for easy referencing while ensuring security.

However, do note that Eero Plus is actually not necessary as the Eero system is reasonably secure in itself. However, it is subjected to periodic upgrades for security reasons to ensure that you are not necessarily vulnerable even when you do not subscribe to Eero Plus.

User Opinions 

Opinions on the value of Eero Plus are mixed. Some users, especially those who prioritize network security and want parental controls, find the service beneficial. 

However, others argue that the features do not justify the cost, especially since there are alternative methods to achieve similar functionality, such as using standalone ad blockers or VPN services.

Eero’s Security Without Plus 

Even without the Plus subscription, Eero routers are designed to be secure. They receive regular security updates and have built-in measures to protect your network. 

The Plus subscription is meant to provide an additional layer of security and convenience.

Conclusion: Is It Worth It? 

The worth of Eero Plus ultimately depends on individual needs. 

For households desiring robust parental controls, enhanced security, and the convenience of having these features integrated directly into their Wi-Fi system, Eero Plus could be a valuable investment. 

However, for users with basic needs or those willing to manually set up similar protections, the standard Eero system without the Plus subscription may suffice.

We hope that you found this article helpful. Still, if you face any issues then make sure to drop them down in the comments section.