Does Eero Work with Starlink?

Do you hate the poor Wi-Fi areas in your house? That’s where Eero comes in. It is a sort of Wi-Fi which ensures that there are no dead zones within your household. How about Starlink, the latest satellite internet from Musk’s SpaceX?

Good news: Eero and Starlink can be teamed up. Fast internet everywhere in your home.

And how do you set up with Starlink to perform that Eero? Let’s break it down simply.

What is Eero and How Does it Work?

Starlink works very well with Eero, which is a very nice mesh home system, ensuring strong and reliable connectivity throughout your home.

Each node or access point by Eero adds up to around 1,500 square feet of additional coverage to your primary router in order to create a mesh system.

These devices get directly connected to sockets and let you expand your Starlink connection without overwhelming it.

Setting Up Eero with Starlink: Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a simple user manual to assist you in installing Eero along with Starlink. Let’s take a look:


  • In case you own a first-version Starlink dish, it has direct compatibility with Eero. You will need a Starlink Ethernet adapter for the second-generation dish.
  • Turn off the power supply of the Starlink, and disconnect the router from the dish.
  • Plug in the Starlink Ethernet adapter into the router.
  • Connect the adapter to complete the connection between the router and the dish.

Connecting Eero:

  • Using the cable, connect Eero to the Starlink Ethernet adapter.
  • Login to your Eero account and set your wireless network name and password.
  • Place the first Eero in any accessible spot per the app’s guidance and install extra units accordingly.

Enabling Bypass Mode:

  • This is an essential process that can help in processes like port forwarding and improving tasks such as online gaming and video conferencing.
  • Go to your Starlink app, select settings, and enable Bypass mode.

Bypass mode in Eero is a setting where the Eero system can work behind your existing router. In this mode, Eero turns off its advanced features, essentially acting more like a basic WiFi extender. 

It’s not handling tasks like assigning IP addresses (DHCP) or translating domain names into IP addresses (DNS). Instead, your main router keeps doing that work. 

This mode is useful if you want to keep using another router but also want to take advantage of Eero’s WiFi coverage. However, you might miss out on some of Eero’s cooler features, like creating guest networks, advanced security screenings, and more.

Does Eero Replace My WiFi?

Does bringing in an Eero mean a farewell to the existing WiFi? In other words, it is not a farewell, it is just an upgrade.

Here’s the scoop: Eero doesn’t kick your WiFi to the curb; it takes over the job of your current router, but you’ll still need your modem and your Internet Service Provider (ISP). 

Imagine Eero as the new kid on the block who ensures that your Wi-Fi is high-speed and goes everywhere in your home.

The first Eero device creates a new WiFi network when you plug it into your modem, the box that brings the Internet to your home.

It’s such as when a cafe gets a new coffee machine, still coffee but in a better taste and faster way.

In this way, you can link up your devices with Eero wifi for better streaming, playing games, or browsing online easily.

Benefits of Using Eero:

There are several benefits of using Eero together with Starlink. Let’s take a look:

Better Coverage:

To start with, the signal spreads out much more widely throughout the house. You will be able to access such Wi-Fi virtually everywhere including those remote corners.

This particular feature is great with Eero 6. Besides that, if you enjoy watching online videos or playing games, Eero provides an easier and faster experience thanks to a system commonly referred to as a tri-band system. 

It’s similar to having three Wi-Fi signals under one roof.

Upgrading to Eero Plus:

When you upgrade to Eero Plus, you get some additional safety features. There will be no annoying advertisements and it also contributes to keeping your internet free from malicious programs and hackers.

Moreover, you would not have issues with using VPN in private browsing where it becomes like a secret tunnel for your internet data.

Keep an Eye on Your Internet Use:

Eero Plus helps you monitor your online usage. It shows you how much data you are using, and ensures that your network is in good shape. Kind of like a speedometer for the internet.

Combining Eero with Starlink offers all these advantages making it one of the smartest moves toward trouble-free internet accessibility in every part of your residence.

Final Words:

To sum up, Eero and Starlink make a great team – they bring another level of speed to your house’s internet service. No more frustrating dead spots or endless buffering symbols.

What you get is ultra-fast, safe, and solid Wi-Fi throughout your home. It is simple to set it up while the advantages such as increased range of coverage and enhanced security are revolutionary.