Can You Use Eero with Xfinity?

Many people are asking about the integration of Eero with Xfinity in effort to boost their internet experience.

Eero is compatible with Xfinity. The majority of ISPs in the USA have been able to test Eero’s functionality. Among these are Xfinity, Verizon Wireless, and others.

Many users succeed in the Apple HomeKit environment and they prefer Eero as the single and unique Apple homekit compatible mesh router.

In this article, we are going to make it clear how you can link an Xfinity with an Eero, and we are also going to provide you with a step-by-step guide that you will not be inconvenienced by as you read our post.

Connecting Eero to Xfinity: 

Follow the steps mentioned below to connect Eero with Xfinity:

Log into Your Xfinity Gateway: 

Connect your Xfinity xFi with an ethernet cable on your computer and login into the gateway portal.

Enable Bridge Mode: 

This is important since it reduces the routing abilities of Xfinity gateway thus Eero can handle some of these processes and prevent any possible conflict.

Connect Xfinity Gateway to Eero: 

Connect the Xfinity Gateway and your Eero router using an ethernet cable.

Restart Devices:

Start all devices afresh so that new settings take over.

Expanding Your Eero’s Ethernet Ports:

After setting Xfinity Gateway to bridging mode it ceases to behave like a router. Therefore, the additional Ethernet ports which may have been accessible in the gateway can’t function anymore.

In case you want to connect more than one device using a wired connection, you wouldn’t be able to attain fast speed and stable links because the number of ports present on the Eero device is not enough.

Using a Gigabit Switch: 

The solution is a gigabit switch, a networking device that allows you to expand the number of wired internet connections in your home. 

Here’s how it works:

Choose the Right Switch: 

Eero can work with unmanaged ethernet switches, implying that they do not require any special installation or management.

They are super easy and that is why they are called plug-and-play. The Eero is capable of gigabit Ethernet and works well with fast Ethernet devices.

Connect the Switch: 

One end of the Ethernet cable is attached to any of the ports of the Eero while its other end should be attached to a switch.

This is where the switch comes in and splits this connection into various ports which enable you to connect them using Ethernet cables to several other devices.

Automatic Configuration: 

Afterward, the Eero port self-configures. That’s great since you don’t need any complicated configurations and settings.

Managed vs. Unmanaged Switches: 

You could employ a managed switch with better levels of control and setting, but Eero would urge you to use unmanaged switches.

They are simple with few things likely to occur and hence fit well in Eero’s ‘easy to use’.

Benefits of Using Eero with Xfinity:

Using Eero instead of Xfinity Gateways gives you a bunch of cool features.

Better Connection:

To start with, it helps in linking up your home well first. It is because Eero offers mesh networking, which allows you to utilize several locations for Wi-Fi, in contrast to the xFi which relies on a single location.

Furthermore, Eero installation as well as operation are very simple although its technology is better than that of usual routers.

Ease of Use:

You can have your say in your connection in your home when it comes to your internet via Eero. 

In contrast to what obtains in Xfinity, it is possible to alter a lot of configurations so that one will have the internet they truly prefer.

Folks interested in gaming or setting up an intricate network can take advantage of this.

Superior Support:

In addition, their customer or technical support team is also excellent compared to others in case any problem may arise. 

They are usually a tremendous help especially when it comes to internet issues that might give one a headache.

Avoid Rental Fees:

And as an extra benefit; you can beat the rental fees from Xfinity. You pay additional every month if you hire an xFi modem router from Xfinity company.

However, you can return that xFi and give them a miss if you go for Eero. Note that Eero is different from a modem, but the latter is cheaper compared to other devices used as routers.

Also, they don’t charge the users anything in relation to the monthly subscription fee hence, one is assured they are safe and secured at all times after purchasing Eero.


Setting up Eero with Xfinity enhances your internet experience by providing better connectivity, more control, and easier usage. 

We hope that you enjoyed reading this post and that by the end of this article, you were able to connect Eero with Xfinity.

Let us know in the comments if you have any other queries.