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One of Australia's leading independent sports photographers, Duane Hart has shot everything from famous Olympic Games truimphs to primary school athletics carnivals. He had amassed a truly impressive archive of commercial, editorial and local sporting images but was tied to an unwieldy, proprietary photo selling system. Sporting Images needed a new, flexible solution to allow their online business to expand.

Four months later: Duane now has almost 300,000 images available for purchase online and is expecting to break half a million by July.

How did we help Duane?

Duane was running a successful business that was being stifled by the sheer inadequacies of his antiquated technology, and over the years had been forced to use a workflow that cost a lot of his valuable time.

We listened to Duane talk about how he would like his business to operate, and that he didn't want to spend days on end uploading photographs that had to be manually cataloged. He could see that his business success depended on him being able to compete with other players in the market.

To this end we put together a system based around the amazing open-source Gallery2, including a custom search module by SaulMade, which was funded by Oxygen Kiosk and released free to the Gallery2 community.