Create Digital Music Screenshot

This popular (10,000 visitors daily) music technology blog had an outdated and inaccessible design based around an unwieldy Content Management System. In collaboration with Peter Kirn (New York, Site Editor) and Nathanael Jeanneret (Melbourne, Graphic Designer) the Oxygen Kiosk created a site designed around the open-source CMS Wordpress and forum PHPBB to create something truly functional and attractive.

This project was so successful that Jaymis partnered with Peter to form CreateDigitalMedia LLC, and in June 2006 launched a sister site - CreateDigitalMotion - for visualists, VJs, video artists and motion designers. Since then CDMotion has grown to be one of the most popular VJ sites on the web. Peter and Jaymis continue to collaborate, and CreateDigitalMedia and the OxygenKiosk will continue to work closely together and to grow in tandem.