OxygenKiosk has been collaborating with CDM since 2005, when Jaymis responded to Peter's request for help building the future of CDM.
Create Digital Music screenshot

In the years since, we have helped CDM launch a huge popular redesign (in collaboration with Tasmanian designer Nathanael Jeanneret), and move into the Visualist realm: Launching CreateDigitalMotion with Jaymis as co-editor of the site.

As we spend so much time glued to computers making websites, it's no surprise to discover that Oxygen Kiosk is uncommonly experienced in the electronic music field:

Cal is a producer - creating beats on trackers under the name OK Sushi - and DJ from way back. He founded Brisbane's biggest alternative electronic arts festival, and for years managed Queensland's best independent record store.

When he's not writing for CreateDigitalMotion, Jaymis spends much of his time VJing with electronic artists from around the world, and as the visualist member of various bands including Segue and Bobby Flynn.

We love working with musicians and artists to help promote and sell their work. Recent musical projects include:

DJ Tech Tools Store

DJ Tech Tools screenshot

Ean Golden is a respected deejaying trailblazer. He writes for Remix Magazine as the digital deejay specialist, works showing off new technology for Vestax, and runs his own little slice of the web at DJ Tech Tools.

When Ean needed a hot-looking store to sell the ultra-limited VCI-100 mixer, he worked closely with Cal, who designed the shop and integrated the modern shopping cart solution Foxycart.

Ten Pound Crew

Ten Pound Crew
We have long-admired the Ten Pound Crew - putting on successful events in Brisbane is no mean feat, and these guys do it with seeming ease.

They needed a site to integrate with their extensive mailing list, and to sell tickets to events. They also wanted a sophisticated image gallery to show pics of their latest parties, and notify punters of upcoming gigs.

We currently have room in our calendar to accept new work. We really love talking to new and potential clients, so please contact us.