Over the weekend, Oxygen Kiosk was involved in Unconvention Brisbane, a "not for profit grassroots led music conference for DIY and Independent promoters, labels, entrepreneurs, writers, technologists, innovators and artists."

I setup a webcast for both days of conference panels, played an audiovisual set as half of Cowper, spoke on the Music as Product panel (which has already been released on Youtube - Part 1, Part 2), VJ'd and mixed live visuals for the Unconvention Showcase, and then backed it all up by running the Unconvention After Party at The JOYnt, featuring Cowper, Tash Parker and Tim Jackman.

Then I slept for 12 hours.

Unconvention was fantastic. I've been involved in several "creative" conventions, and find that they're not usually worth the hundreds of dollars per ticket, so at $20 including a sausage sizzle, Unconvention was the best value convention I've ever encountered. It was filled with smart, creative, fun, talented people, who were all super approachable, and keen to share and network.

I wasn't really sure that I'd have much to bring to the table on the Music as Product panel, given that everyone else involved runs record labels and similarly directly-musical services. Turns out that being the guy who runs the server and sees all the stats on newsletters, facebook groups and web traffic is pretty relevant to Digital Music as Product, so I ended up hogging the microphone for quite a lot of the panel.

(Part 2)

The Unconvention Showcase was also great fun, and we were very happy to get to work with Hunz, whose career I've been following since he released his fantastic free album Thoughts That Move.

All of the panel sessions, photos and video produced during the event are Creative Commons licensed, so there should be more awesome stuff coming out in the next couple of weeks. I'll try to pull out some good bits from my panel to condense down the useful web things I had to say.